Starting over again


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This is the nth time I’m starting a blog and I hope this time I’ll find the way and time to keep writing (hopefully useful and interesting) contents. This time I’ll be using Hugo (what a surprise, uh?) and GitHub again for hosting it.

The current plan is start with contents related to Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift and containers in general, but it also might include some programming, Ansible and other technologies that I’d be interested in or using them for something.

I still haven’t decided on the frequency I’d be posting, it’s hard to say right now what would work best for me, either wildly post whenever I have time, something to say, …​ or stick to a frequency, even if it’s low, …​ so far based on previous expiriences, the wild style didn’t really work well for me, so this time I might stick to some schedule, TBD.